Safe & Efficient Oral Care

The SwishKit is the only device that safely rinses and suctions deep in the oral cavity of mechanically ventilated patients.

SwishKit Customer Needs

Quick & Easy to Use:

Rinses the oropharynx in less than 2 minutes

Patient Comfort:

Thin secretions and moisturize mouth

Reduce Risk:

Reinforces best practices for routine oral care

SwishKit Solution

Designed for the oral irrigation and subsequent suction of irrigating agent to promote oral hygiene in intubated adult patients.

Irrigation Inlet

Connects to 20mL syringe

Irrigation Holes

Direct fluid into the oral cavity

Suction Inlets

Collect fluid from oral cavity

Suction Outlet

Connects to wall suction tube

Grip Tabs

Place to hold mouthpiece

Using the SwishKit

The SwishKit offers clinicians a simple and easy solution for rinsing the oropharynx in mechanically ventilated patients. 

The SwishKit simultaneously irrigates and suctions the oral cavity. The SwishKit should only be used with saline water. 

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