Better Oral Care for Ventilated Patients

Safely rinse and suction the oral cavity in mechanically ventilated patients.

Patient Comfort

Thins secretions and moisturizes mouth

Reduce Risk

Rinses thick mucus & secretions that may contain harmful bacteria

Quick & Easy

Washes out oropharynx in less than 2 minutes

We Understand the Challenges Associated with Routine Oral Care

Excessive Time

Finding time to perform oral care is difficult

Difficulty Cleaning

Difficult to see and clean far back in the mouth

Risk of Infections

Hospital acquired infections, such as VAP are costly

Safety Issues

 No way to safely rinse and suction deep in the oral cavity

At Swiftsure, We Believe You Deserve Simple Solutions for Complex Problems

At Swiftsure, We Believe You Deserve Simple Solutions for Complex Problems

The First & Only Tool to Rinse the Mouth in Intubated Patients

The SwishKit was invented by a critical care nurse after experiencing frustration with the lack of effective tools to perform oral care. The SwishKit is the last critical step of oral care to reduce complications and improve patient comfort.

Effectively Rinse & Suction Hard to Reach Areas

The SwishKit rinses deep in the oral cavity while simultaneously suctioning the fluid and any particulates that were dislodged during routine oral care.

The SwishKit does not use antimicrobials that may assist in the proliferation of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria.

Simply put, we all rinse our mouths after brushing out teeth, shouldn’t we do the same for critically ill patients?

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